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New Forklift Segment Opens Possibilities

Posted 27/11/2020

EP Equipment wakes up the forklift market with the EP EFL 181: an entry level forklift, a new segment in our forklift truck test. With a price below €20,000 including maintenance-free lithium-ion battery, the EFL 181 offers all the basic features you expect from a forklift truck in light to moderate duty applications.

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EPL154 and EPL185 - Product Test Report

Posted 26/11/2020

With the EPL 154 and EPL 185, EP Equipment brings two almost identical powered pallet trucks with li-ion battery to the market. One with a 24V installation, the other with 48V for when it needs to be slightly more powerful.

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Expensive Diesel Compliance: Is The Future Electric?

Posted 16/07/2020

We are all too familiar with the environmental and health issues surrounding diesel engines. However it's hard for companies to walk away from them. That unwavering loyalty had been well placed. That is until 2019 when Euro Stage V regulations came into practice creating difficult choices for businesses.

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Telematics For Forklifts: How It Can Help Boost Your Business

Posted 22/04/2020

Forklift telematics allows you to operate your fleet as efficiently as possible. With GPS technology, wireless connectivity and telemetry, today's telematics systems offer significant advantages when assessing your fleets efficiency.

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What Are The Uses And Benefits Of Ride On Pallet Trucks

Posted 03/04/2020

There are many different types of equipment and machinery designed to help you run your business smoothly. At times understanding what equipment you require to be able to safely lift, transfer and store goods can be a little confusing and sometimes overwhelming.

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EP Product Launch In Belgium

Posted 19/03/2020

Due to LogiMAT being cancelled EP chose to hold the 2020 product launch in there distribution centre in Belgium to celebrate there hard work and exhibit the latest products with EP vendors and clients

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EP Product Release March 2020

Posted 13/03/2020

EP Equipment is excited to share three new products with you. They all have one thing in common: Full focus on Li-Ion technology! Each truck offers a unique opportunity to transform your business for a green future, with a lower total cost of operation and a higher standard of ergonomics than ever before.

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No Logimat – Come to The EP Open Dealer Day From 11th-13th March in Belgium

Posted 04/03/2020

Sadly more and more exhibitors cancelled their plans to visit LogiMAT 2020. As an empty trade show does not support EP or there dealers targets and goals, EP have decided to cancel there plans for LogiMAT as well and have worked out a new plan to show there deals there new amazing products hands-on.

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LogiMAT 2020: The Real Deal with EP’s Li-Ion Technology

Posted 06/02/2020

Visit EP Booth B81, Hall 10 at LogiMAT 2020 You want to see real, revolutionary Li-Ion products at LogiMAT 2020?

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The Different Types of Forklift Truck Attachments

Posted 29/01/2020

Forklift truck attachments are a must-have if you’re looking to boost your productivity and increase your forklift’s abilities. You can transform an ordinary forklift into specialised equipment in no time at all.

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PalletXpress Successfully Switches From Diesel To Lithium-Ion Trucks

Posted 01/11/2019

With the commissioning of a new and much larger hub, PalletXpress Dublin, has switched from diesel to 3 ton electric forklift trucks with li-ion battery. With the partnership of 24 transport companies and the use of 12 EP Equipment forklifts every day they effortlessly move around 2,500 pallets per night. This is only achievable thanks to opportunity charging, which enables the use of the machines around the clock.

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How EP Products Help Reduce The Carbon Footprint Of Materials Handling

Posted 24/10/2019

Latest figures on carbon dioxide emissions paint a worrying picture. Over the decade between the years 2006 and 2016, the average annual increase in carbon dioxide emissions stood at around three per cent, with a new record of 37.5 billion tonnes being reached in 2014.

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