The new EFL series is built on the T8 IC truck chassis and is designed for greater durability, manoeuvrability, and improved ergonomics. The LCD display is upgraded to provide essential truck information in one glance. The new EFL series is designed to keep up with any application, no matter the challenge. Whether you're working in a rugged environment or on a tight timeframe, the S version of the EFL series provides even greater performance and reliability. With its enhanced capabilities, it's the perfect choice for high-demand tasks or a high-utilization workload.


The new generation of the EFL series provides high performance in a range of applications. The lithium powered truck has been designed with opportunity charging in mind to help manage multiple working shifts. Its reliable construction is designed to work in all weather conditions, so you can feel confident that your operations will be running smoothly no matter what the environment is like.

Lithium Technology
The lithium technology has proven itself as an emission-free and maintenance-free alternative to diesel. The new generation of EFL series handles loads with consistently high performance due to opportunity charging even for the most demanding applications.
Larger Legroom

EP have designed the space to be as spacious and ergonomic as possible, so that the operator can work in a comfortable and efficient manner.

Informative LCD Display

The new EFL Series range offers a convenient and informative LCD display. This display provides a variety of information at a glance.

EFL253/303/353(S) Data Sheet



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