Utilising EP’s AMR XP15 in Production Environments: A Case Study from Packo Inox Ltd

Utilising EP's AMR XP15 in Production Environments: A Case Study from Packo Inox Ltd

Packo Inox Ltd, a division of the Verder Group and a prominent pump component manufacturer headquartered in Diksmuide, Belgium, is embracing innovation by integrating EP Equipment’s XP15 Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) into their production facility. This strategic move showcases Packo Inox's commitment to embracing cutting-edge technology. The XP15, EP's advanced intralogistics solution, seamlessly combines the functionalities of an autonomous mobile robot and an electric pallet truck, enhancing operational efficiency.

Embracing Automation: A Strategic Business Choice

At Packo Inox Ltd, continuous improvement is the driving force behind all operations. With a focus on enhancing efficiency and productivity, the production team sought out innovative solutions. After careful consideration, they identified repetitive tasks ripe for automation, particularly within the internal logistics and warehouse department. These tasks, while necessary, didn't directly contribute to the final product's value. To address this, the team decided to introduce an Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) to streamline operations and free up resources for more valuable activities.

The Production Manager at Packo learned about EP's AMR XP15 through their dealer, CC Heftrucks.


The XP15, EP Equipment's Autonomous Mobile Robot, serves as an ideal solution for enhancing efficiency and productivity within warehouse or production settings. Designed to seamlessly transport goods between designated points, this semi-automated pallet truck proves to be a valuable ally in tackling repetitive tasks. Offering versatility, the XP15 can adapt to various applications and features different operating modes such as Sushi Bar, Taxi Mode, or Bus Stop. Implementation is straightforward and can be completed within a single day, requiring no specialized IT expertise. With its user-friendly design, anyone can set it up. To cater to diverse customer requirements, including those of companies like Packo, the AMR XP15 also provides the option of a keypad for configuring multiple routes.


At Packo Inox Ltd, the AMR XP15 is making waves in automation. What sets the XP15 apart is its simplicity. Installation and setup are a breeze, as demonstrated by Wesley, a Production Technician at Packo, who managed it solo, configuring 10 routes effortlessly.

The XP15 revolutionizes mundane tasks by taking over repetitive A to B transports. This not only lightens the load for workers but also boosts productivity. At Packo, employees now focus on more meaningful tasks while the CoBot handles transportation seamlessly.

Adding to its user-friendly features, Packo opted for the keypad option in the XP15. This enables swift creation of routes and task assignments, ideal for Packo's bustling production environment where efficient material transportation is key.

Operating the XP15 is a cinch at Packo. Operators use the keypad to specify goods and destinations, streamlining the process. The XP15 autonomously navigates to the designated station, drops off the goods, and returns to base, ready for the next task.

This loop of task execution ensures uninterrupted workflow, maximizing productivity. Packo Inox Ltd sets a new benchmark in internal logistics automation with the XP15, showcasing precision, reliability, and flexibility.

The Journey Of Success - Testimonials 

Johan Daelmans, representing CC Heftrucks, an EP dealer involved in the implementation, underscores the significance of the XP15: "We provided the XP15, an autonomous mobile robot that handles entire routes, substituting specific human tasks and offering a straightforward solution for automation."

Stefaan Vanhauter, Production Manager at Packo Inox Ltd, underscores the company's dedication to automation: "As a modern company, we're fully committed to automating certain operations." By implementing the XP15 AMR for internal transport, Packo Inox Ltd aims to enhance efficiency and productivity in their tailored manufacturing processes.

Traditional automation projects often come with time-consuming challenges. However, Packo Inox Ltd found a simple and direct solution with the XP15. Vanhauter envisions a future where AMRs like the XP15 become indispensable assets in their production facilities: "This pilot project for internal transport is just the beginning. Given our unique industry requirements, successful outcomes will likely lead us to explore further automation opportunities."

This shift towards a more efficient workflow marks a significant advancement in revolutionizing production processes for Packo Inox Ltd. The Co-bot XP15 aligns with EP's commitment to creating products that offer simplicity, versatility, and efficiency, setting a new benchmark in automation technology. As industries progress, AMRs like the XP15 will play a vital role in driving operational excellence and meeting the evolving demands of modern manufacturing.



CC Heftrucks – Kwalestraat 65 a, 9320 Aalst, Belgium

Packo Inox Ltd – Heernisse, Cardijnlaan 10 Industriepark, Cardijnlaan 10, 8600 Diksmuide, Belgium