About Us

We have a very simple philosophy to what we have to offer in terms of forklift hire and forklift sales in Ireland...

"Why pay more"

Some time ago we realised that we didn't want to be just another option on the endless list of forklift suppliers in Ireland. There are so many options out there and they are all more or less the same. The various companies try to tell you that their forklift is somehow better than the next guys forklift but they really aren't much different at all. All the forklift companies around Ireland are pretty good in terms of service and so it is assumed that you can fix things and do so in a timely manner and so we believe that the name of the game is being the most competitive.

There is no value in a brand in the world of forklifts.

There is no emotional element to purchasing or renting a forklift..........

So why are we the most competitive forklift hire and sales company in Ireland?

  • We deal directly with our main supplier (EP Equipment). That is, we purchase our forklifts and warehousing equipment directly from the factory. There are no expensive distribution networks to pay for. There are no expensive guys who work for the manufacturer sitting in Holland, Belgium or the UK who drive nice company cars to pay for. There are no beautiful glass buildings that house the expensive guys and an expensive stock holding to pay for.
  • All EP forklift and warehousing equipment is built in China. Most of the forklifts that are on offer today, from our competitors are built in China but most of the other guys don't want you to know that. EP is the fastest growing forklift manufacturer in the world and there is a very good reason of this....they build good quality equipment at a very competitive price
  • Access to finance - Economies of scale is important when it comes to our rental pricing. We buy a lot of equipment from EP and this gives us some serious buying power but we also rent out a lot of equipment and the excellent rates that we get from finance companies and banks are passed on through the hire rate we charge.
  • Our spare parts are extremely competitive. We purchase all our spare parts from the factory and in doing so avoid the horrendous mark ups that we used to see on spare parts. We can factor the reduced cost of spare parts into our rentals and again pass the saving on to you.

Apart from the super competitive business model we adopt we also have a full online fleet management system that we have been running for 10 years. Everything is electronic and not only do you get an email within 10 minutes of us being on site you also get all these reports stored for you online with easy access. In addition you have access to any invoices we have sent you, any inspection we have carried out and a easy to navigate list of equipment that you can drill down on and get all the electronic information that you will ever need on that piece of equipment.

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