Boendgen Baustoffe: Switching from IC Forklifts to Lithium-ion Forklifts

Boendgen Baustoffe: Switching from IC Forklifts to Lithium-ion Forklifts

Boendgen Baustoffe, a prominent supplier of building materials, made a strategic decision to upgrade its forklift fleet to EP Equipment’s EFL series, aiming to revolutionize efficiency and sustainability within its operations. The transition from conventional internal combustion (IC) forklifts to EP Equipment’s cutting-edge lithium-ion-powered EFL series has heralded a year of transformative progress.

The EFL Series: Blending Innovation with Tradition
The EFL series forklifts seamlessly merge the durability of IC forklifts with the efficiency of electric motors. By substituting the traditional diesel engine with a robust 205AH Li-ion battery, the EFL series provides operators with a spacious cabin, large wheels, and a sturdy chassis, all at a competitive price point.

Advantages for Boendgen Baustoffe
Enhanced Environmental Responsibility
The adoption of the EFL series lithium-ion forklifts has substantially reduced Boendgen Baustoffe’s carbon footprint. With zero emissions and a maintenance-free battery, this series perfectly aligns with the company's commitment to environmental stewardship.

Reduced Operational Expenditure
Boendgen Baustoffe has experienced a notable decrease in running costs and energy consumption. Leveraging the efficient electric motors of the EFL series, energy is utilized more effectively, resulting in lower overall energy expenses and a swift return on investment.

Heightened Productivity and Uptime
Featuring Lithium-ion power and rapid charging capabilities, coupled with the convenience of opportunity charging, the EFL series ensures that Boendgen Baustoffe's forklifts remain operational for longer durations and spend less time idle. This translates to heightened productivity and uninterrupted workflow, essential for maintaining operational efficiency.

Reliability for Tough Jobs
Boendgen Baustoffe's use of the EFL302 series has shown how tough and reliable these forklifts are, especially when dealing with rough terrain and heavy loads common in construction materials.

Versatile Performance
The EFL series works well both indoors and outdoors, handling various tasks easily. Boendgen Baustoffe relies on these forklifts every day.

Partnering with Nowak Gabelstapler GmbH
Nowak Gabelstapler GmbH, working with EP Equipment in Germany, played a crucial role in helping Boendgen Baustoffe switch to the EFL series smoothly.

Looking Ahead with EP Equipment
Boendgen Baustoffe sees a bright future with EP Equipment's EFL series, which offers improved efficiency and sustainability. The move to these forklifts represents a step towards a greener and more efficient material handling industry.

In Conclusion
EP Equipment's EFL series is a significant advancement in forklift technology. Boendgen Baustoffe's successful adoption sets a great example, highlighting the clear benefits of lithium-ion-powered forklifts.