Stacker Truck WSA161




The WSA161, a lithium-powered pedestrian stacker with a 1.6-ton capacity, delivers robust performance for storing goods at heights up to 5.5m. As the next-gen model, it lifts and lowers pallets twice as fast as the ES-WA series, ensuring greater efficiency for intensive use. The stacker features a multifunctional tiller head with a turtle speed button and proportional lifting button for precise and convenient operation. Its small turning radius makes it ideal for tasks in confined spaces, and high availability is ensured through opportunity charging with no maintenance required.


The WSA161 excels in storing and retrieving goods at heights of up to 5.5m in warehouses and manufacturing facilities. Its optimized lifting and lowering speeds contribute to shorter material handling cycle times, making it ideal for highly intensive applications. The proportional lifting system ensures the operator achieves gentle and precise placement of goods, particularly valuable and fragile items.

Lithium Technology

The WSA161 is fully designed around the advantages of lithium technology, with 24V/100Ah Li-ion battery and an integrated charger, which allows for flexible and rapid charging and zero maintenance.

Compact Design

The WSA161 demonstrates a compact design with 85mm reduction in mast thickness than the ES-WA series and naturally brings a smaller turning radius 1507mm. This makes it particularly suitable for moving loads in narrow spaces.

WSA161 Data Sheet