Clearlift offers both long term and short term hire for material and warehousing equipment. Clearlift have a wide range of EP equipment for hire which is competitively priced.

Contract Hire is a popular method of obtaining the use of equipment without the need for heavy capital expenditure and where Clearlift provide full maintenance and repairs of the equipment. Contracts vary in length but are typically for five years.

Short-Term Hire is often used by customers to meet rushes in demand or seasonal fluctuations or where their business is changing and their long term requirements may vary.

Businesses can also enjoy 100% tax relief on all hiring costs.

If you need to hire a forklift truck for a short period or for longer, and are looking for a cost-effective solution; we offer a variety of options. Our experienced team can quickly put together a package that will suit your individual requirements and ensure that you get the best possible equipment for your budget.

Clearlift have an extensive range of EP forklifts and warehousing equipment for hire in Ireland which is extremely competitively priced. Clearlift provide full maintenance and repairs of the equipment.

Reasons to hire a forklift

  • No upfront capital investment
  • Fixed costs which include breakdowns, servicing and maintenance
  • Yearly annual insurance inspection report – (GA1/Loler inspection)
  • Seasonal demand
  • Changes in requirements
  • 100% tax relief on hiring costs

Reasons to hire from Clearlift

  • Modern Fleet of New EP Forklifts – minimum downtime
  • Forklift hire engineers in Belfast, Dublin, Galway, .Mayo,Waterford and Cork
  • Online fleet management system – customers can download all service jobs and reports 24/7
  • Competitive forklift hire pricing
  • Various hire packages to suit all applications/needs