EP Lithium Battery

EP Lithium Batteries 

EP's TYT48560A / TYT48280A Lithium Battery comes in two capacities: 48V/560AH and 48V/280AH. The battery is always available when you need it thanks to opportunity charging. The battery is equipped with EP’s BMS system, which constantly monitors the condition of the battery. The battery is maintenance-free, allowing operators to focus on their everyday tasks with greater ease and safety. EP’s TYT48560A / TYT48280A lithium Battery is an excellent lead-acid battery replacement.

Boost productivity with opportunity charging

EP TYT48560A / TYT48280A Lithium Battery is capable of 0.5C charging. It can be charged up to 7% in 10 minutes. Operators can take advantage of shift breaks to charge the trucks, which can be extremely helpful in reducing downtime.

Long battery life with no maintenance

EP TYT48560A / TYT48280A Lithium Battery comes with a naturally long life cycle thanks to Li-ion technology. It is maintenance-free and assures workplace safety with no water filling, air ventilation, and acid spills required.

Real time battery monitoring

EP TYT48560A / TYT48280A Lithium Battery offers a battery indicator which can be equipped in the cabin. Operators can monitor the battery condition in real time and control power supply during an operation.

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