Introducing the EP Equipment AMR: The Future of Material Handling in Warehouses and Logistics Centers

In early 2023, EP Equipment introduced their first Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) pallet truck, called the XP15. This state-of-the-art robot is designed to operate alongside workers and to improve the efficiency of material handling tasks in warehouses and logistics centers. It works alongside human workers and production lines, assisting with repetitive tasks to increase productivity. The XP15 is not intended to replace workers, but rather to function as a tool to free them up for more complex duties.

The robot is designed to provide simple material handling solutions with an easy-to-use interface and straightforward after-sales support. Setting up the robot is easy with the EP mobile phone app and it is powered by a lithium-ion battery pack, similar to the one from the manual pallet trucks.

The Best Co-Worker

The XP15 robot is a Co-bot that allows users to easily switch between manual and robotic operation. It can assist warehouse workers and production lines with repetitive tasks like picking up or dropping off pallets. The XP15 enhances worker productivity by increasing pick rates, reducing labour costs, and shortening cycle times.

Unique 2D Visual Navigation System

The simple use and affordable price of this product is thanks to its innovative navigation system. This leapfrog technology allows a new style of set up and usage. With absolute positioning the robot always knows its location and finds its way back to the route. The system is based on proven optical analysis and has been successfully used in over 100 robot projects in Asia over 2 years. The product is now available for the European market and promises to be a game-changing revolution.

User Friendly Set-Up

The robot can be easily set up using an app on a phone or tablet. Programming, set up, and task switching is controlled on the app and communicated to the robot through Bluetooth.

Choosing the Right Robot Assembly Line: B vs B+

When it comes to robot assembly lines, there are two options: B and B+. In the B version, the robot follows a loop along the assembly line to transport goods and retrieve finished products from workstations. It's possible to pre-program stops along the way. In the B+ version, the robot delivers the pallet to its destination and returns empty. Consider the specific needs of your assembly line to determine which option is best.

AMR Range 


  • Capacity: 2000kg
  • AMR Autonomous Mobile Robot