Lithium-Ion Forklifts In Industrial Environments

Lithium-Ion Forklifts In Industrial Environments

In the swiftly changing industrial scenario, technological progress plays a crucial role in improving operational efficiency and promoting environmental sustainability. A noteworthy development in the industrial sector involves the adoption of lithium-ion forklifts and material handling equipment.

Solyro, a firm focused on fluid control equipment, has recently overhauled its day-to-day activities. They opted to swap their traditional IC forklift fleet with lithium-ion forklifts sourced from Olteck & Co., a partner of EP Equipment. This strategic choice has not just brought a modern touch to their operations but has also notably elevated productivity and safety levels throughout their facilities.

Making The Switch To Lithium-Ion Forklifts

Olteck & Co. has delivered four TVL and one FVL models from EP Equipment to customers through a long-term rental solution, significantly transforming Solyro's operational landscape.


The TVL series, meticulously designed to harness the advantages of lithium-ion technology, boasts a compact size ideal for narrow-aisle warehouse applications. Fuelled by 80-volt 2*5 kW dual-drive motors, these forklifts ensure unmatched productivity with a runtime of up to 6 hours per charge. The agility and small turning radius of the TVL series make them perfect for indoor warehousing transportation, particularly in confined spaces.


The FVL series, a lithium-ion 4-wheel dual-drive counterbalance forklift truck, showcases a 1.8/2.0-ton load capacity. Its compact design facilitates easy manoeuvring in restricted spaces, while the 80V 5.0*2kW dual-drive system maximizes transportation efficiency. The integration of an 80V/205Ah maintenance-free lithium-ion battery and integrated charger further boosts productivity by enabling opportunity charging and extended work shift arrangements.

Both the TVL and FVL series feature lithium-ion batteries, offering prolonged battery life and high energy density. These lithium-ion batteries demonstrate remarkable longevity, delivering extended operational hours per charge compared to conventional counterparts, thereby increasing productivity and minimizing downtime. Moreover, their high energy density ensures exceptional performance, enabling the forklifts to provide consistent power output for demanding industrial applications, thereby enhancing efficiency and overall operational effectiveness.

The Commitment To Environmental Sustainability: The Switch To Lithium

During our visit to Solyro, Christelle, the Supply Chain Manager, emphasized how the transition to Li-ion equipment aligns seamlessly with the company’s dedication to environmental initiatives.

“Established as an industrial valve company since 1978, Solyro primarily operates in the chemical industry, with additional involvement in pharmaceuticals, food processing, and renewable energies.

Our adoption of lithium forklifts corresponds with our ongoing efforts to obtain ISO 14001 certification and our commitment to eco-friendly practices, including the implementation of paperless operations and more.”

Cyril Olivieri, the Managing Director at Olteck & Co., elucidated why the TVL and FVL Series from EP Equipment perfectly suit Solyro. “At Solyro, we have opted to lease five machines, ranging from 1500 kilos to 1800 kilos, encompassing the CPD 15, CPD 18, and CPD 18 FVL models. These include both 4-wheeler and 3-wheeler options on a 72-month long-term lease.

After discussions, we concluded that a full-service package on this site might not be the most practical approach, given the limited usage of machines but with more standardized usage. Moreover, with the EP lithium-ion forklifts, we experience a reduction in maintenance needs.

It's impractical to charge for services that aren't necessary. We'll focus on standard maintenance, particularly on batteries, motors, etc. A yearly maintenance check should suffice, I believe.”

The Change To Employees’ Daily Operations

Making the switch to EP's lithium-powered forklifts has also received positive feedback from Solyro's workforce, highlighting significant advantages in safety, comfort, and efficiency.

Christian, a forklift operator at Solyro responsible for unloading trucks and managing deliveries in stock, expressed his thoughts on the EP lithium-ion forklifts: "Firstly, the battery connection is much simpler; we can plug it in anywhere, saving us time. Additionally, the forklifts are highly manoeuvrable and easy to operate. Regarding recharging, it's significantly faster, allowing us to use the forklift much sooner than before. The old charging process took longer, and there were safety concerns when recharging batteries in water. The lithium battery is truly a game-changer, making everything much more convenient. Moreover, I feel secure and comfortable while operating it."

Wesley, a warehouseman at Solyro, echoed the sentiment of enhanced safety. Olteck also introduced a plexiglass protective roof and integrated chargers with external plugs for secure recharging.

Wesley emphasized, "Safety was the first noticeable improvement. I felt much safer compared to the old forklifts we used, and this was immediately evident. Safety is crucial in today's work environment. There has also been a significant improvement in comfort compared to our previous equipment, making our tasks more enjoyable. We feel secure, everything is well-designed, and the technical department is consistently updated. In case of a minor breakdown, it gets resolved within a day, or in the worst-case scenario, they intervene the next day. They are always available, which is a significant advantage in maintaining our business operations and ensuring no drop in productivity. It's perfect."

SOLYRO – Société Lyonnaise de Robinetterie, 33, av. Franklin Roosevelt, 69150 DÉCINES-CHARPIEU – France

Olteck & Co., 14 Avenue Des Catelines, 69720SAINT-LAURENT-DE-MURE