Lithium Forklift TDL16-201




The TDL series represents EP's next-generation premium class, aiming to enhance operational efficiency and elevate driving comfort. Building upon the modern and streamlined aesthetic of the L2 series, the TDL series seamlessly incorporates EP's proprietary lithium technology, 5.4kW*2 dual-drive technology, and well-established components. This ensures robust and consistent performance across a spectrum of transportation requirements. Prioritizing user experience, the TDL series prioritizes ergonomics by introducing pedal adjustment for heightened operator driving comfort. The operator compartment is thoughtfully designed to optimize the overall driving experience, minimizing distractions through the integrated layout of operator interface components.


The TDL Series is truly a powerful and reliable lithium forklift. It is suitable for a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications, providing strong performance and increased productivity with its Li-ion heart and dual drive units. With its excellent durability and capability, the TDL series is the perfect choice for any warehouse, dock, side bay lorry, or logistics centre. Its features make it a great choice for operations of any size.

Electromagnetic Joystick

The electromagnetic joystick can be added to the truck and is the perfect option for premium material handling. With its palm-sized design, the joystick helps operators to perform functions with utmost precision.

Larger Legroom

EP have designed the space to be as spacious and ergonomic as possible, so that the operator can work in a comfortable and efficient manner.

Powerful & Constant Performance

The 48V/360Ah lithium battery with opportunity charging and 5.4kW*2 dual drive motors, ensures the TDL series operates at a consistently high performance.

Informative LCD Display

The TDL series offers a convenient and informative LCD display. This display provides a variety of information at a glance, such as speed, working hours, battery status, miles driven and parking status.

TDL Series Data Sheet