The L1 Li-Ion 4 wheel counterbalance truck from EP Equipment is the worlds first real Li-Ion forklift truck. The chassis is designed around the advantages of Li-Ion technology. The truck has the widest cabin space in the industry for a maximum in ergonomics. With quick charging and high performance, it is the perfect truck to replace IC forklift trucks.


Due to the Li-Ion technology build into the L1 counterbalance truck, the machine is more powerful than most of its competitors. It is water protected and can be used outdoors also in the rain. Loading and unloading is where the L1 plays out its strength.


Without a combustion engine or the bulky lead-acid battery the L1 Li-Ion forklift was designed with ergonomics and performance in mind. Due to the compact size of the battery, the truck dimensions are optimzed to ensure a maximum in stability with significantly higher safety factors than competitors. The truck can be charged in 2.5 hours and opportunity charged up to 7% in 10 Minutes. Always available when you need it!


The CPDL1 series has many great features that will help you improve your daily operations.

Waterproof Truck Design

As the L1 Li-Ion forklift is designed to replace traditional Diesel / IC trucks, it is IP54 protected. The truck can work outside in the rain when other electric forklift trucks can not do the same job!

Large Cabin

Due to the completely redesigned chassis, the L1 forklift comes with the largest legroom in the industry, eliminating a key traditional disadvantage associated with electric forklift trucks. Due to the compact battery, drivers have more than sufficient space for their legs, improving operator comfort when working in long shifts.

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