Tow Tractor QDD10-15L




The QDD10/15L provide the power and strength you need to move trolleys around your warehouse, production or logistics centre. They are simple, small and highly efficient tools that can tow up to one ton. The QDD10/15L are both equipped with a powerful motor which allows them to tow heavy trolleys with ease. The tractors have a simple design, making them easy to use and maintain. The tow tractors can be customised with different towing equipment so you can choose the right solution for your individual trolley system.


The QDD10/15L tow tractors are the perfect solution for warehouses and production with narrow aisles. With their compact design, these trucks can easily navigate tight spaces.

Climb slopes up to 3%

The QDD10/15L tow tractors are designed to climb slopes up to 3%, making them ideal for operations in warehouses or production with uneven terrain.

Smooth ride on any surface

These two trucks feature 250mm diameter pneumatic tyres, providing a smooth ride on any surface.

Lithium Technology

The lithium battery allows for fast charging along with opportunity charging.

24 Volt DC Drive Motor
The 24-volt DC drive motor delivers maximum torque and power with superior performance and reliability.
On-Board Charger

The on-board charger allows the truck to be charged anytime and anywhere. The integrated charger allows charging at every standard power outlet.

QDD10L Data Sheet



QDD15L Data Sheet