Stacker Truck KSI201




The KSi201 stands out as a ride-on double-deck stacker boasting a 2.0-ton load capacity, tailor-made for long-distance tasks. With a lithium battery and integrated charger included as standard features, this model enhances operational efficiency through its versatile charging options, zero-maintenance battery, and increased uptime. The KSi201 features a roomy stand-on platform with semi-enclosed protection, coupled with a compact design that ensures safe, comfortable, and agile driving experiences. Its double-deck configuration not only provides excellent goods visibility but also simplifies the process of stacking and retrieving pallets with ease.


The KSi201 excels in robust performance for tasks such as loading and unloading HGVs, stock-to-dock applications, and other double-stacking needs in expansive warehouses. Operators have the convenience of lifting the mast to an ergonomic height, facilitating swift and comfortable order picking. With the ability to transport 2.0-ton pallets and multiple charger options, it is well-equipped to handle a range of duties from medium to heavy in the workplace.

Lithium Technology

The KSi201 has a maintenance-free 24V/205Ah Li-ion battery with a 24V/30A integrated charger as standard to maximise uptime thanks to opportunity and flexible charging. A 24V/100A external charger is available as an option and delivers a full charge in 2 hours to increase efficiency.

Compact Size

KSi201 demonstrates a compact size resulting in a tight turning radius, making the truck perfect for handling tasks in narrow aisles.

KSI201 Data Sheet