Stacker Truck ESI161




The ESi161 stands out as a lithium-powered pedestrian stacker, designed with a 1.6-ton load capacity, perfect for low-to-medium intensity double-deck applications. Its exceptional performance lies in its ability to provide a clear view of the fork tips, thanks to the mono mast and transparent panel, ensuring precise stacking and retrieval safety. Boasting a compact design, the ESi161 proves to be an agile companion in confined spaces. This stacker is equipped with a 24V/80Ah Li-ion battery and a 24V/30A integrated charger, ensuring sustainable performance and reducing maintenance costs. The centralised drive wheel enhances traction and simplifies operation in narrow aisles.


The ESi161, with its double-deck transport capability, proves to be a versatile and adaptable solution for flexible stacking volumes in small to medium-sized warehouses, retail shops, cargo lifts, and lorries. Its compact and lightweight design allows it to seamlessly navigate confined spaces. Moreover, by lifting the forks to a comfortable working height, it can function as an efficient order picker platform. In essence, the ESi161 offers a versatile solution for stacking, order picking, and horizontal transportation in restricted areas.

Lithium Technology

The ESi161 adopts a Li-ion battery and an integrated charger as standard to increase uptime thanks to flexible and fast charging support.

Compact Size

The compact chassis and the turtle button give the ESi161 great manoeuvrability when loading and unloading in confined spaces or lorries.

ESI161 Data Sheet