Stacker Truck ESA121




The ESA121 boasts a 1.2-ton load capacity and is an electric pedestrian stacker designed for stacking operations at heights of up to 4.1m. With options like a mono mast, regular 2-stage mast, and straddle legs, it can cater to various applications based on the user's requirements. In comparison to its predecessor, the classic ES12-12ES, the new ESA121 showcases exceptional design and enhanced performance in safety and speed. It features a robust mast with an H beam and two side cylinders, ensuring stable stacking and improved visibility. Faster lifting and lowering speeds are achieved through an increased pump motor power, resulting in heightened efficiency. To address diverse requirements, the ESA121 offers AGM and lithium battery options, and its standard integrated charger simplifies the charging process. The upgraded cover enhances operator convenience by allowing them to carry items and documents, as well as charge electronic devices while handling pallets.


Mono-mast version

The ESA121 can be fitted with a mono mast and lift goods up to 1953mm. It is well-suited for indoor spaces with low ceilings and container stacking, courtesy of its free lift height.


Straddle version

The ESA121 provides a straddle version featuring easily adjustable straddle legs with four width options ranging from narrow to wide. The ESA121's adaptable and stable straddle legs enable effortless lifting of multiple pallets.


Designed for light-duty applications in containers, warehouses, distribution centres, and retail environments, the ESA121 proves to be an ideal choice. Its enhanced lifting and lowering speeds effectively minimise material handling cycle time, contributing to improved efficiency in goods handling. The inclusion of a multi-functional storage space allows operators to conveniently carry items and charge devices while transporting goods.

Lithium Technology

The ESA121 can be supplied with a lithium battery, to harness lithium technology benefits.

ESA121 Data Sheet