Electric Tractor
Capacity: 3000kg/6000kg


The QDD30-60 electric tow tractor from EP Equipment can tow up to six tonnes and can be fitted with different towing attachments to match your individual trolley system. With its straightforward design and streamlined usability, this truck will support employees and reduce injuries due to back problems. This electric tractor is a simple and powerful tool to tow trolleys around your warehouse, production or logistics center.


To allow the tow tractor to work in narrow aisles EP have put extra effort into designing this electric tractor to make it extra compact. With its 870 mm solid rubber tyres, the QDD series is suited for a wide range of operations. It does not matter whether you are using this tow tractor on a level floor in the factory or on rough floors or outside, the electric towing tractor can safely transport your trolleys to their destination.


24 Volt DC Drive Motor And Controller
Easy To Charge

Due to its integrated charger, the QDD10 tow tractor can be charged anywhere and anytime.

50AH Polycase Battery

Equipped with a 50AH polycase battery the QDD10 tow tractor has enough power to transport trolleys around your factory all day.

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