Small Compact Towing Tractor


EP Equipment's QDD10 tow tractor is a easy and compact device for towing trolleys around your factory, manufacturing or logistics center. It can tow up to one tonne and to fit your specific trolley system the tow tractor can be fitted with different towing attachments.


The QDD10 has been engineered to be as compact as possible to allow use in narrow aisles. The QDD10 tow tractor can climb slopes up to 3 percent with a self weight of just 98 kg and a capacity of 1000kg. The QDD10 is prepared for a range of operations thanks to its pneumatic tyres and its 250mm diameter. It does not matter whether you are using the tow tractor on a level floor in the warehouse, on rugged floors or outside the QDD10 towing tractor can safely transport your trolleys to their destination.

Eliminate strain and pain for your workers now
as QDD10 can pull trolleys up to 1000Kg electrically. With its simple design and optimised usability, this truck will support your workforce and reduce injuries due to back problems.


24 Volt DC Drive Motor And Controller
Easy To Charge

Due to its integrated charger, the QDD10 tow tractor can be charged anywhere and anytime.

50AH Polycase Battery

Equipped with a 50AH polycase battery the QDD10 tow tractor has enough power to transport trolleys around your factory all day.

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