Pallet Truck XP15


AMR Autonomous Mobile Robot


The XP15 is EP’s self-developed smart intralogistics solution that can function as both an autonomous mobile robot and an electric pallet truck. It's easy to install and can switch tasks via Bluetooth. Its plug-in battery design and standard 24V/60Ah Li-ion battery ensure high availability and maximum uptime. The XP15 uses 2D visual navigation technology and random labelling to constantly determine its position and navigate accordingly. To ensure safe operation, the XP15 is equipped with bumper strips and Lidar detectors to ensure operation safety.


XP15 B: A-B-C-…-A Loop with manual loading and unloading

XP15 B transports pallets continuously along a loop and has pre-programmed work stations where it will pause and allows for manual loading and unloading of goods by workers.

XP15 B+: A-B-A with automatic unloading

XP15-B+ starts with manual loading and unloads pallets automatically in the storage area or production. It requires minimal worker involvement and ensures high process efficiency for repeated transportation tasks.

Your best co-worker

The XP15 can function as both a autonomous mobile robot and an electric pallet truck, and you can switch between manual and automatic operation with the push of a button.

Stand alone installation

The XP15 can be easily set up for different applications without requiring any IT knowledge or specialized hardware or software.

Flexible application

The XP15 device provides route settings and transportation task monitoring through Bluetooth, and users can easily add new routes and stations using their phone.

Plug-in battery design

The XP15 has a plug-in battery design and uses EP's standard battery box with a 24V/60Ah Li-ion battery. This ensures maximum uptime and provides high availability and flexibility.


Maximum personal safety protection

The XP-15 is equipped with Bumper strips and Lidar detectors that prevent the truck from collision.

XP15 Data Sheet