Order Picker JX1




The JX1 vertical order picker lets you maximise efficiency in your warehouse and reduces the risk of injury. With its heavy duty, secure mast and a large working platform, the JX1 order picker will give your employees the protection they need to work efficiently.


The JX1 can lift the operator to as high as 4880mm, turn around in a space as small as 1385mm, and can be driven when lifted to move from task to task. Travel is provided with a high-efficiency AC drive motor that can be programmed through the onboard LCD dash, while power comes from a 224AH AGM maintenance free battery pack that supports opportunity charging from a standard 230V outlet. The JX1 vertical order picker from EP Equipment is a unique product. Positioned between low-level order pickers, ladders and VNA trucks, the JX1 order picker allows you to pick goods up to 6.5 meters in height by using a compact and very stable truck at a good price point. Designed for use in E-Commerce and small goods picking this product can help you boost efficiency and increase safety in warehouses and on shop floors.


JX1 Data Sheet