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Logimat 2019 - It Is All About Lithium Ion

Posted 11/02/2019

Just a little more than a week until LogiMAT 2019 opens doors from February 19th to 21st and we are excited to have our new products ready for you. EP Equipment will be present at LogiMAT in Hall 10 Booth B81 where we will present our newest innovation and service concept in cooperation with our German partner Isfort.

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EP After Sales Training In Europe

Posted 07/02/2019

After sales performance is one of the most important aspects in the supply of equipment. With simple and smart solutions EP Equipment has many advantages. Dealers from all over Europe are regularly invited to join our after sales training.

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The History and Future Of Pallet Trucks

Posted 18/01/2019

Although many people see pallet trucks as fairly utilitarian items of equipment that “just are”, in actual fact they are beautifully designed items that play a crucial role in the transport and distribution of a wide range of goods.

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Hong Kong Lara - A Real Story About Reducing Strain And Pain

Posted 02/01/2019

Lara Croft is a character known to take the challenges as they come. A strong woman that shows men that women can do anything! About 8 months ago EP saw a TV special about a young woman from Hong Kong, that is very much like her. This is the story of Lara and how her and EPs paths have come together.

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2018 International Dealer Event and Sales Record of 23,611 Trucks

Posted 19/11/2018

Every year China celebrates the online shopping event 11.11 singles day. Since 2016 EP has held there very own 11.11 celebration breaking sales records every year. 2018 was the first year where EP also invited international dealers to participate in the 11.11 festivities.

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Li-Ion Counterbalance - The Future Is Now!

Posted 26/10/2018

During the last months, EP have worked towards the introduction of there Li-Ion counterbalance trucks. After selling Li-Ion counterbalance trucks successfully in the Chinese market for over a year, EP have launched the products for international sale.

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The All New EP Europe Distribution Center

Posted 29/08/2018

At EP Equipment we believe in a strong network of partners to develop new products, create exceptional after sales support and share opportunities among partners. In 2011 EP Equipment founded their European distribution centre in Belgium to support the local dealer ....

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F5/F8 The correct truck for the application - Why Pay More?

Posted 06/06/2018

With EP, the customer is not limited to a "one truck fits all" offering and can benefit greatly from the reduction in the price for a truck with a reduced specification level that does the job perfectly well in a particular application.

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EP Premium Electric Forklift Design

Posted 04/06/2018

Since 2003 the EP JingJiang factory has been operational and at the moment in this factory EP are producing there 4 wheel counterbalance trucks in the capacity of 1500 – 5000kg

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The Evolution Of The Pallet Truck

Posted 14/05/2018

At Clearlift we have seen a greater number of people contemplating why to make the move from the manual pallet truck to the electric pallet truck.

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