Long standing contract renewed with Decora Blind Systems

Long standing contract renewed with Decora Blind Systems

Posted 08/05/2015

Decora Blinds Systems are one of the leading blind manufacturers in the UK employing in excess of 500 people and operating out of a total of 250,000 sq. ft. premises in Lisburn, Northern Ireland and Birmingham, England, their manufacturing and distribution facilities provide a worldwide service network.

Decora Blind Systems have experienced exponential growth over the past 10 years and their material handling equipment requirements have changed significantly over this time. CMH Ltd have been supplying equipment to Decora Blinds for 8 years and have recently renewed a large long term contract with them.

In 2013 Decora Blinds opened a facility in Birmingham and after considering a number of proposals they decided to award the contract for the supply of their material handling equipment to CMH Ltd based on the fact that they could trust us to deliver exceptional service and that our proposal represented the best and most economical solution.

As their business is now spread over a number of different locations Decora Technical Manager takes full advantage of our FMS as he is able to control all pieces of equipment throughout the various sites.

“We have been a customer of Clearlift for eight years and have built up a good relationship with everyone there in this time. The long relationship speaks volumes for the quality of service that we have received during this period, with excellent engineer response times and confidence that the engineer solve any issues quickly, when dealing with Clearlift I know I don’t have to worry about our fleet of forklifts”.

Wayne Whiteside (Technical Manager) – Decora Blind Systems

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