Lithium Forklift EFX252-302



About The EFX252/302

The EFX series, featuring 2.5/3.0 ton Li-ion counterbalance forklift trucks, serves as a cost-effective replacement for diesel options in a variety of indoor and outdoor transportation tasks. With a permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM), the EFX series enhances battery efficiency by 10% compared to standard AC motors. Powered by a laterally removable 80V/150Ah Li-ion battery, it offers maximum flexibility in charging and uptime. The EFX series ensures uncompromised performance and running hours, thanks to the energy-efficient PMSM and adaptable power supply, making it a highly cost-effective alternative to IC trucks.

Designed with a compact and water-protected structure, the EFX series excels in manoeuvring through confined spaces and in the rain. Additionally, it provides operators with a comfortable workspace, reducing physical strain and enhancing overall work performance. The EFX series stands as a versatile solution for material handling for both indoor and outdoor applications, thanks to its compact and waterproof design.

Lithium Technology

The EFX Series is tailored to harness lithium technology benefits, features a standard removable 80V/150Ah Li-ion battery. This design facilitates both opportunity charging and hassle-free lateral replacement, serving as an ideal solution for challenging environments with limited charging infrastructure.

Larger Legroom

EP have designed the space to be as spacious and ergonomic as possible, so that the operator can work in a comfortable and efficient manner.

EFX252/302 Data Sheet