Lithium Forklift EFL702 – 1002




The EFL702/1002 is the latest addition to the EFL Series Li-ion electric forklift range. This revolutionary new model is designed to replace traditional diesel forklifts and send shockwaves through the industry. Powered by an 80V/820AH Li-ion battery, the EFL702/1002 allows for easy handling in any application while reducing maintenance costs and increasing user friendliness. To meet different working shifts, users can choose from either a single three-phase charger or dual one-phase chargers. Furthermore, the EFL702/1002 is designed with sustainability in mind, helping to reduce carbon emissions and improve energy efficiency.


The EFL702/1002 is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a durable and reliable forklift and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, even on uneven roads or in the rain.. With its impressive 7/10 ton load capacity and optional fork positioner, it is perfect for a variety of heavy industries like logistics, construction, production, and yard work. This forklift will be an invaluable tool in any workplace, delivering dependable performance.


The EFL702/1002 is a revolutionary step forward to bridge the gap between large ton diesel forklifts and Li-ion powered electric forklifts. The EFL702/1002s design is based on an existing diesel truck, providing all the advantages of a diesel truck, such as durability and dependability, but with none of the associated maintenance costs. The use of Li-ion technology eliminates exhaust gases, making it a much more environmentally friendly option. With its high load capacity, the EFL702/1002 is ideal for heavy duty handling applications. It is truly an innovative solution for those looking for an efficient, cost-effective, eco-friendly forklift.

Lithium Technology

Thanks to its lithium battery there are no maintenance fees with no air filter, oil filter, engine oil or starter battery installed on the truck. Thanks to opportunity charging, this forklift can be charged at anytime.

Multi Chargers Available

To meet users’ working shifts and conditions, dual chargers are available, which provides more flexibility and convenience.


EFL702/1002 offers EP’s latest Telematics. It provides the following features to facilitate your fleet management: Truck location in real-time, reports of truck usages and diagnosis and battery condition analytics

High Durability

The EFL702/1002 features a strong chassis , which ensure a naturally long lifespan and durability.

Easy Driving

The truck is equipped with a hydraulic and mechanical braking system. The system shortens the braking distance to ensure safety while reducing the driving fatigue in the meantime.

EFL702 Data Sheet


EFL1002 Data Sheet