Lithium Forklift EFL201



About the EFL201

Introducing the latest member of the celebrated EFL series, the EFL201 a state of the art 4-wheel lithium forklift truck boasting a remarkable 2000kg load capacity. This forklift seamlessly merges cutting-edge technology by harnessing the power of an 80V lithium battery with the robust structural design reminiscent of IC trucks. The standard 80V/150Ah lithium battery ensures exceptional performance and reliable availability for daily operations. Addressing the challenges posed by uneven surfaces and inclement weather, the EFL201 is engineered with a generous 120mm ground clearance and a waterproof design.

The EFL201 stands out as a versatile performer, excelling in both indoor and outdoor transportation tasks with its notable features such as substantial ground clearance, oversized tires, and exceptional water resistance.

Lithium Technology
The lithium technology has proven itself as an emission-free and maintenance-free alternative to diesel. The new generation of EFL series handles loads with consistently high performance due to opportunity charging even for the most demanding applications.
Larger Legroom

EP have designed the space to be as spacious and ergonomic as possible, so that the operator can work in a comfortable and efficient manner.

EFL201 Data Sheet