Lithium Forklift EFL181




The EFL 181 Li-Ion forklift is the next generation, entry-level forklift from EP Equipment. Equipped with a integrated charger the EFL181 offers simple charging at every standard power outlet and comes standard with large front tyres that allow the truck to be used on uneven floors and yards.


The EFL 181 can be operated in a wide variety of environments thanks to its large front tyres the truck can work on uneven surfaces allowing the truck the ability to work efficiently indoors and outdoors.  The EFL 181 is always available due to its maintenance free Li-Ion Battery and the integrated charger.

Lithium Technology

Thanks to its lithium battery there are no maintenance fees with no air filter, oil filter, engine oil or starter battery installed on the truck. Thanks to opportunity charging, this forklift can be charged at anytime.

On-Board Charger

The on-board charger allows the truck to be charged anytime and anywhere. The integrated charger allows charging at every standard power outlet

Improved Braking System

The braking distance from the pedal on the EFL 181 has been shortened to achieve optimal comfort for the operator.

EFL181 Data Sheet