Lithium Forklift CPD18-20FVL




The FVL series is a Li-ion 4-wheel dual drive counterbalance forklift truck with load capacity of 1.8/2.0ton. The FVL series provides a compact design for manoeuvring in tight spaces. The 80V 5.0*2kW dual drive system boosts transportation efficiency, while the 80V/205Ah maintenance-free Li-ion battery and 80V/35A integrated charger gives you the opportunity to arrange multiple work shifts with opportunity charging. The enhanced mast provides the operator with optimal visibility and safety, making the FVL series a great choice for any application.


The FVL Series is an incredibly versatile and reliable tool for your industrial transportation and storage needs. It boasts a powerful 80-volt 5.0*2kW dual drive, providing fast and efficient acceleration, even over long distances. And with the opportunity charging and zero maintenance Li-ion battery, you can be sure it will always be available when you need it, even in the narrowest aisles of your manufacturing or warehouse facility. Its superior reliability and safety make it a great choice for any industrial transport and storage tasks.

Lithium Technology

Thanks to its lithium battery there are no maintenance fees with no air filter, oil filter, engine oil or starter battery installed on the truck. Thanks to opportunity charging, this forklift can be charged at anytime.

Compact Size For Easy Manoeuvring

The compact FVL series features a small turning radius allowing for great manoeuvrability in confined spaces.

CPD18/20FVL Data Sheet