Lithium Forklift CPD15/18/20TVL




The TVL series is a great example of how lithium-ion technology can enhance productivity and comfort in narrow aisle warehouse applications. The compact size of the truck allows for greater manoeuvrability and efficiency, while the 80 volt 2*5 kW dual drive motors provide the power and stability needed in demanding work environments. With an impressive 6 working hours per charge, the TVL series is a reliable and efficient solution for your warehouse needs. Its design ensures that operation comfort is a top priority, making it easier for the operator.


The small turning radius of the CPD15TVL, CPD18TVL, and CPD20TVL makes them ideal for narrow aisle applications, while their powerful 80V battery performance ensures seamless loading and unloading at docks or side bay lorries. The opportunity charging feature of the Li-ion powered TVL series is also a great advantage.

80 Volt System Offering Powerful Performance

The 80 voltage 2*5.0 kW dual drive motors offer high power efficiency and enhanced productivity.

Compact Truck Size
The TVL series features a small turning radius, 1450mm for CPD15TVL, 1550mm for CPD18TVL and 1585mm for CPD20TVL, making it the perfect truck for small warehouses with narrow aisles within 3.5 m.
Large Workspace
Due to the compact size of EP lithium battery and the ergonomic configuration of the control levers and the foot brake pedal, the truck offers spacious legroom of 394mm and delivers the best in operation comfort.
CPD15-18-20TVL Data Sheet