Li-Ion Counterbalance – The Future Is Now!

Li-Ion Counterbalance - The Future Is Now!


During the last months, EP have worked towards the introduction of there Li-Ion counterbalance trucks. After selling Li-Ion counterbalance trucks successfully in the Chinese market for over a year, EP have launched the products for international sale.

EP are ready to release the first 50 trucks to there best partners around the world and start the revolution: Making Li-Ion available to the masses!

With the introduction of the well known TVLi-Ion Series three wheel counterbalance trucks, we face lift our proven, robust system into the world of Li-Ion (CPD18TV8).

To show what the future of Li-Ion has to offer, EP have also created the L1. There all-new, simple and robust 4 wheel counterbalance truck. Increased Legroom, purpose build around the Li-Ion battery it is a worldwide first counterbalance truck, built around the advantages of Li-Ion technology.


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