Hong Kong Lara – A Real Story About Reducing Strain And Pain

Hong Kong Lara - A Real Story About Reducing Strain And Pain

Lara Croft is a character known to take the challenges as they come. A strong woman that shows men that women can do anything! About 8 months ago EP saw a TV special about a young woman from Hong Kong, that is very much like her. This is the story of Lara and how her and EPs paths have come together.



Hong Kong is a vibrant place with 7,5 million citizens. Skyscrapers dominate the skyline and along the sidewalks, you find hundreds of small shops and restaurants. And every day the delivery vehicles are finding their way to do their daily deliveries. Mostly just loose goods and you will commonly find delivery workers carrying sacks on their necks, lifting crates and boxes or pushing heavy carts through the streets. Some distributors have a truck with a small tail lift and can move palletized goods with a pallet jack. Only in recent years, Hong Kong is making the transition.

In the midst of this there is an impressive young lady. Dressed in shorts, tank top and working boots, she conquers the streets of Hong Kong. She likes to work hard and she is making a name for herself in this industry that is very much dominated by men: Logistics! Since her first appearance on TV, everyone calls her Hong Kong Lara.

From the TV program, you can see the impact of manual labour. With the introduction of the EP range of powered pallet trucks, Hong Kong is rapidly changing to the use of powered pallet trucks. This year 4,000 people bought an EP powered pallet truck. How about Hong Kong Lara?

EP employees took notice of Hong Kong Lara on Youtube, struggling to get her work done and decided to get in touch. They talked to Lara and donated a powered pallet truck and got her on board as an ambassador to promote electric supported equipment to reduce strain and pain in the transport industry.


In 2018 EP started a cooperation with Lara exchanging the manual pallet truck that you can see on the pictures with an electric pallet truck EPT 20-15ET from EP Equipment. Due to this Lara feels the relief and reduction of strain and pain during her working days. Therefore, EP decided to deepen their connection with her.

Due to her 10 years’ experience in the industry, she knows how it is to move your goods through the streets.  EP invited Lara to their 11.11 event in China and got her in touch with their engineering team so she could tell them about challenges in her daily work life. This give EPs design team and factory workers a unique first-hand feedback of every day struggles when working in distribution.

During the event, Lara tried out EPs new series of products from electric pallet trucks, stackers and counterbalance trucks. She especially liked the concept of our their new 2 ton electric pallet truck that has a removable Li-Ion battery as well as a plug & play controller for simple repair and maintenance. From her experience, castor wheels on electric pallet trucks are a great advantage when it comes to stability, but it can be quite annoying when you get stuck on the uneven road. Due to the bigger drive wheel of the new WPL 201 the truck is more stable while keeping the flexibility to be used on uneven floor.