F5/F8 The correct truck for the application - Why Pay More?

Evron Foods is an independent autonomous modern bakery company specialising in high volume production of quality frozen and chilled bakery products for leading retailers, foodservice and manufacturing customers.

With over 33 years of unique knowledge and experience they are recognised as one of the leading manufacturers in these sectors.

They have 2 purpose built bakeries in Craigavon, N.Ireland and Pontypool, S.Wales with modern production lines which produce large volumes of unbaked, part-baked and added value breads which are quick frozen or chilled and packed for maximum freshness and convenience.

There is on-site frozen and chilled storage in both locations for onward distribution to UK customers and to countries throughout Europe, USA and the Middle East.

They operate comprehensive Food Safety and Quality Management systems and both bakeries are approved to BRC standard.

A five year contract for the rental of their forklifts ended in mid 2017 and we were asked to carry out a comprehensive review of the equipment with a view to tendering for the rental of the equipment for a further five years. As we were the incumbent supplier we had established an understanding of the application and usage of each truck. Evron Foods business had changed over the preceding 5 years which had resulted in the total usage of the outgoing trucks being significantly different.

It was determined that a number of the trucks were to be utilised at a rate of 2000 hours/annum and others at a rate of 1200 hours/annum with the higher usage truck being deployed in dispatch and the lower usage trucks being deployed in various other areas of the facility.

EP offer a number of different models of 4 wheel electric trucks (including the 5 & 8 Series trucks). The choice of models (varying level of specification) means the customer has the choice of a cost effective solution that is tailered to his particular application and circumstance. With EP, the customer is not limited to a "one truck fits all" offering and can benefit greatly from the reduction in the price for a truck with a reduced specification level that does the job perfectly well in a particular application.

With Evron Foods we were able to offer the 5 series model for the lighter duty application and the 8 series model for the heavier duty application and do so at a 30% saving on the cost of the 5 series against the 8 series! Nearly a year on and the trucks are working well and the management at Evron Foods haven't noticed any difference in the trucks apart from the price!