Electric Stacker 1.2T


The EST122 is an electric stacker powered by AGM / Li-ion with a high-strength chassis and a high-rigidity mast that ensures excellent operational stability. The truck provides comfortable manoeuvrability and assists operators in both 'Pedestrian' and 'Stand-on' driving modes. EST122 is ideal for operating in confined spaces and provides efficient and effective vertical stacking.


The EST122 is the ideal stacker for optimizing multiple work tasks and tight storage stacking. It is suitable for lifting and moving in small to medium warehouses and manufacturing facilities, particularly in the case of medium height rack systems and narrow aisles.

EP Unique 

Stability is the strong suit of the EP. With decades of experience in researching and developing electrical stackers, EP will ensure that a more stable truck can never be found elsewhere in the same price range.


Power Source

The EST122 is equipped with a 24V/85Ah AGM battery as a standard power source and it can also be upgraded to a 24V/80Ah li-ion battery for opportunity charging and a longer lifespan.

Strong Chassis

The side impact beam, plates, and boxes make the chassis stronger and can greatly reduce stress and deformation caused by a heavy load.

Rigid Mast

The rigidity of the mast is greatly improved by its beam structure to provide smooth lifting and stacking for daily operation.

Easy Operation

The extra-long and offset tiller with the crawl speed button provides EST122 better visibility and nimble maneuverability when operating in tight space.

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