ES-WA Series

ES-WA Series
ES12-25WA / ES10-10WA / ES12-12WA / ES14-14WA / ES16-16WA / ES14-30WA / ES18-40WA / ES12-25WA


This Straddle arm stacker is the ideal choice for transporting and stacking pallets of various sizes. Easy to adjust straddle arms, a powerful AC motor and simple maintenance components make this the ideal truck when working with various sized pallets.


The ES-WA Series from EP Equipment is the ideal stacker for optimising multiple tasks, making it the perfect solution for non-standard pallets. This model is ideal for lifting and moving in multiple warehouses and production facilities.

EP Unique 

The innovative AC system provides high power, precise control and excellent performance.

AC System
The innovative AC system offers strong power, accurate control and excellent performance
H Shape Mast
The ES-WA series trucks have a high strength mast channel and high stability straddle design


Zapi Transistor Control

24volt ZAPI transistor control, high torque AC drive motor.

Plexiglass Safe Guard

For better visibility on the load and forks.

Bolt On Straddle For Width Adjustment

To be equipped for every kind of pallet, this pallet stacker has adjustable straddle arms to be able to increase or decrease width for every individual situation.

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