ES-ES Series

The Original Light Duty Stacker


The ES10-10ES & ES12-12ES stackers from EP Equipment are ideal for light duty applications in the warehouse and in production. Available with a choice of lift heights up to 4000mm and with both models a gel battery and integrated charger come as standard.


The ES10-10ES & ES12-12ES from EP Equipment is the entry level stacker you need to maximize your everyday operating routine in small warehouses, manufacturing or retail environments. This stacker plays out its strengths in restricted spaces, because of its very small dimensions.

EP Unique 

With years of experience from EP and thousands of stackers sold worldwide, EP are continuously improving there products including mast stability and EP can proudly say that you won't find a more stable truck in the same price range.

The Most Stable Mast On A Light Duty Truck
Good Visibility Through The Mast


Curtis Controller

The ES10-10ES & ES12-12ES run on the industry standard Curtis controller that can be serviced by any forklift service company around the world. With a pallet stacker from EP Equipment you will not only save money on the purchase, you will also reduce your operation and service costs.

Integrated Charger

With its integrated charger it gives you the flexibility you need in a modern, urban supply chain.

Gel Battery

Maintenance free and no need to refill water!

Anti-Roll Back Braking Device

Anti-roll back braking device ensures safety.

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