With the completely new, 12EZ powered pallet truck EP have managed to reinvent a product used by millions of people around the world, everyday: the hand pallet truck.
It is time to go electric. It is time to go 12EZ


With a self weight of just 120kg and the capacity to 1200kg the all-new 12EZ electric pallet truck is designed for use in a retail setting. Its small dimensions and modern design make it the perfect companion for the retail and transport industry. The pallet truck is as small as a normal hand pallet truck, but it gives you the full advantage of a powered pallet truck. This pallet truck is easy to charge and always available thanks to its efficient Lithium Ion power supply. The 12EZ is ideally suited to replace your manual hand pallet truck and increase the safety and ergonomics in your company.


Thanks to its low weight of just 120 kg and with the help of its state-of - the-art 20Ah, lithium ion mobile battery cartridge, the 12EZ electric pallet truck can run on one charge for up to 3 hours.


The EPT 12EZ provides an all-new user interface. The 12EZ is always available with its lightweight, compact battery system and can be used as easily as an electric screwdriver. Pallet handling has never been simpler, just plug and play - simple charging and great usability.

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