EPT WA Series



The EPT20-20WA is ideal for industrial facilities that often handle loads at ground level. The design of this pallet truck includes components that provide smooth and quick operation while maintaining a long service life and low maintenance costs. If you are looking for a strong and highly efficient electric pallet truck, pick the EPT20-20WA for your facility.


The EPT20-18WA / EPT20-20WA / EPT25-WA is suitable for various manufacturing settings, warehouses, distribution businesses, loading and unloading docks and other heavy duty applications. Maneuver through narrow aisles and doors as narrow as 1815 mm with this pallet truck.


Zapi Transistor Control

High torque AC drive moto with ZAPI transistor control for high reliability and easy maintenance

Creep Speed Control

Creep speed control: when tiller is in almost vertical position, the driving speed will decrease automatically, allowing delicate operation in confined spaces.

Curved Design

Curved design of front chassis avoids pinching point when lifting.

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