New Electric Pallet Truck


The EPL 151 can easily be called the next generation pallet truck. Based on the success of previous entry level electric pallet trucks, EP developed the EPL 151 based on the demands of thousands of customers around the world. The main charecteristics of the trucks: Plug&Play Li-Ion Battery, full steel chassis, support wheels for higher stability and the smallest chassis of a 1.5to full electric pallet truck. Find out more about the next generation pallet truck from EP Equipment.


The EPL 151 full electric pallet truck plays out its strength in normal duty application in the warehouse, on the lorry and in production facilities. With a capacity of 1500kg and a Plug&Play Li-Ion battery, it can be opportunity charged and will be available when needed. Due to its compact size, it fits perfect into the transport industry to be used on taillifts with limited capacity.


With its new, 24V 55Ah Lithium Ion Battery, the EPL 151 is more flexible than ever before. With a weight of only 13 kg, the battery can be easily exchanged and charged in the warehouse, lorry or any other place with standard power outlet.


The EPL151 has many great features that will help you improve your daily operations.

Plug & Play Li-Ion Battery

Since the introduction of the first Plug & Play Battery in the EPT 12EZ, more and more customers demanded a Plug & Play battery in the more powerful 1.5ton electric trucks from EP Equipment. With the introduction of the EPL 151, EP introduces a 24V/55Ah battery to the market. It can be charged 7% in 10 Minutes and is fully charged in 2.5 hours. With its compact size it can be easily replaced also in 3 shift applications to run around the clock.

Steel Chassis

In daily operation, trucks can scratch on surfaces, objects can fall and the plastic cover of the truck gets damaged. With the full steel chassis of the EPL 151 you will not experience this kind of damage anymore. The EPl 151 is build to last!

Standard EP Tiller Head

The EPL 151 comes with the standard EP Equipment tiller head for both left and right-handed operators giving access to all functions on both sides of the tiller head.

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