Electric Pallet Truck WPL202




The WPL202 is an ideal choice for goods transportation in confined and congested spaces. It features an ultra-slim design, with the chassis length 170mm shorter than EPT20-20WA, which makes it easier to manoeuvre. The WPL202 comes with a 24V/100Ah Li-ion battery and a 24V/30A integrated charger, allowing for convenient opportunity charging to help improve productivity. Additionally, it is equipped with upgraded castor wheels for increased stability when moving on uneven roads and ramps. The WPL202 comes with the option of additional specification for use in refrigerated warehouses.


The WPL202 is a great option for loading and unloading lorries in retail, beverage, food and logistics industries due to its short chassis length of 470mm. This makes it the perfect tool for manoeuvring tight spaces in small to medium production bases and construction sites. Moreover, the WPL202 is available with an optional horizontal transportation feature for refrigerated warehouses, making it even more versatile and efficient.

WPL202 Data Sheet