Electric Order Picker CK-05

Electric Order Picker CK-05

Posted 17/11/2014

What if there was a heavy duty industrial vehicle that was compact, nimble and refined enough to support a retail sales floor? It would change retail operations….

The Ck-05 is ideal for retail, warehousing, distribution and inventory management. The CK-05 has an impressive load capacity of 450kg with a length of 1485mm and a width of 820mm. This product won the most valuable product award at the Pro Mat Chicago 2013 Trade fair. The CK-05 was also awarded best order picker for being rated highly on its strength, stableness and value for money at the Chicago logistic fair.

The CK-05’s attractive design is driven by durability, utility and efficiency. Its performance is not to be underestimated with a maintenance free AC drive system. Allowing for quick response, excellent power efficiency and accurate control. A one-way valve system ensures loads stability during lift and lowering functions. Reducing the overall chance of product damage and assures safe operation.

The Ck-05’s electric power steering system greatly improves steering speed making the truck more natural to drive. The EPS system also enhances the vehicles parking brake strength enhancing safety in your workspace. Whilst regenerative breaking extends run time during operation by using motor resistance to slowly recharge the on-board batteries.

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