The EFL series is an excellent tool that combines the benefits of IC trucks and electric trucks. By replacing the diesel engine with a 205AH lithium-ion battery, it provides the driver with a large operator compartment, large wheels, a strong chassis, and standard components at an affordable price, while the Li-Ion battery and electric motors help to reduce carbon footprint, operating costs, and energy costs.


Because of its large wheels and waterproof design, the EFL series is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, even on uneven roads or in the rain.


The EFL series is based on an existing diesel truck that has been simply converted into a lithium-ion battery-powered electric forklift. It retains the major benefits of a diesel truck to meet the needs of IC forklift operators while using lithium-ion technology to reduce maintenance fees and business costs. EP leads the way with the EFL series in demonstrating what the future electric forklift should look like.