This four wheel electric counterbalance forklift truck from EP Equipment is a Li-Ion forklift truck with a capacity of 4.5/5.0 tons. The F8 provides high power to perform the same as a IC truck and the battery achieves a full charge in 2.5 hours and a 7% charge in 10 minutes. The advantages of Li-Ion technology gives the CPD45/50F8 the advantage over IC forklift trucks.

CPD45-50F8-Product Image


Adopting Li-Ion battery to replace combustion engine and lead-acid battery saves the troubles of battery maintenance. Moreover, since lithium batteries are independently developed and manufactured by EP, they contain a battery management system (BMS), which can monitor and protect each cell. At the same time, they can be connected to forklift trucks through CAN-bus system to ensure the working efficiency of trucks.


The CPD45-50F8 has many great features that will help you improve your daily operations.

On-Board Charger

The on-board charger allows the truck to be charged anytime and anywhere.
The integrated charger allows charging at every standard power outlet.

Improved Breaking System

The breaking distance from the pedal of EFL 181 has been shortened compared to previous trucks to ensure a more comfortable operation of the truck while operating it.

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