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The new CPD25L2 is an upgrade of the successful L1 forklift. Compared to the CPD20L1S, the CPD25L2 comes with two drive motors for higher performance and an improved turning radius. The truck has the same great legroom as the L1 forklift, and thanks to its IP54 classification, it can also be operated under harsh weather conditions.


The CPD25L2 is a real workhorse and to loves to be outdoors. With dual traction drive motors it is ideal for higher performance applications on the yard as well as loading and unloading of lorries.


The truck dimensions are designed to ensure optimum stability with significantly higher safety factors than rivals because of the compact size of the Li-Ion battery produced independently by EP Equipment. The lithium-ion battery provides opportunity charging it can be charged up to 7% in 10 minutes. It also communicates with the truck via Can-Bus to ensure the truck is used effectively at all times.


Water & Dust Protection

CPD25L2 rated as IP54 offers a good level of overall protection from dirty and wet environment.

CJ Mast Application

CJ mast gives CPD25L2 great mechanical strength and wider operation view.

Side Panel Optimisation

The CPD25L2 adopts a one-piece panel on all sides to optimise crash-worthiness, safety, and overall appearance.

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