CPD10ET Mini Forklift

CPD10ET Mini Forklift

Posted 17/11/2014

The new and revolution CPD10ET electric forklift is the only forklift across the world designed for specialized service on industrial floors. This unique forklift has been developed to maximize productivity on industrial floors whilst reducing operating costs. The CPD10ET is less than two meters high and weighs 1.8 tons which meets the standard in most industrial buildings worldwide. Meaning the CPD10ET can be comfortably and efficiently used in industrial elevators and floors.

Don’t think that the more compact size means less quality as the CPD10ET is equipped with a world class hydraulic power pack and electric control system the vehicle is quick with response, has an accurate control system and excellent power efficiency. Other features include an innovative and maintenance free AC system ensuring longer battery service and comfortable and safe seating reducing the strain on the operator.

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