C+G Logistics speed up deliveries with i-Movers

C+G Logistics speed up deliveries with i-Movers

Posted 28/05/2015

C+G Logistics Group are a company strategically located in west Dublin beside the M50. They provide a complete, efficient, high – quality logistics solution to the chemical and allied raw material sectors. Operating out of 55,000 sq. feet of warehousing C+G Logistics deliver reliable and versatile distribution services throughout Ireland. With a large fleet of modern vehicles the company uses GRPS technology to ensure fast, efficient and safe deliveries to customers.

With a view to making delivers even faster, more efficient and safer C+G decided to equip a number of their delivery vehicles with on board powered pallet trucks to replace manual powered pallet trucks therefore speeding up the delivery process and reducing manual handling. After a successful trial of the EP i-Mover C+G placed an order for 4 units.

The EP i-Mover is a walk behind powered pallet truck predominately for use on the back of delivery vehicles. It’s very compact size and low weight allows it to be easily transported and stored on board. It provides effortless manoeuvrability decreasing manual handling and increasing safety for the driver and load. The truck can also be charged very easily as its equipped with an on-board charger that plugs straight into an ordinary 13amp wall socket. The i-Mover has been a popular choice for many large delivery companies around the world including Coca-Cola and Pepsi due to its size, robustness and competitive price.

To view C+G Logistics services visit www.cglogistics.ie