Benefits of Hire

Benefits of Hire

Posted 17/11/2014

Clearlift’s approach to hire of materials handling and other equipment is unique in the industry. As an independent company that is not reliant on one manufacturer to source its equipment. Clearlift is able to advise the customer on the most suitable and cost effective equipment for their application.

Clearlift’s hire customers have access to its unique web based Fleet Management System (FMS), allowing them to monitor performance and utilisation along with the ability to report breakdowns 24/7. FMS can provide customers with customised Key Performance Indicators and give access to Account details and the ability to log accounts queries.

Coupled with Clearlift’s approach to Account and Fleet management hire provides a cost effective outsourced solution for industrial equipment.

So remember next time think hire for:

Brand New Equipment
No large upfront purchase costs – Use Capital Elsewhere
Fully-inclusive service with maintenance and repair
Flexibility – Change your forklift whenever you need at no extra cost
Guaranteed service levels
Use of FMS
No residual risk

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