ADN Materials recycle their old trucks for two new EP Diesels

ADN Materials recycle their old trucks for two new EP Diesels

Posted 25/08/2015

ADN Materials are a plastic recycling company based in Carrickmacross Co. Monaghan. There daily operations involve the collection, sorting and crushing of plastics.

In spring this year ADN Materials required a new forklift truck so they contacted Clearlift. They were looking for a truck that was durable and reliable to allow them to carry out their daily operations. They decided to hire a new EP counterbalance diesel (CPCD-25T9/S4S). Recently the company needed an additional truck due to an up turn in their volumes and so Clearlift supplied another EP CPCD-25T9/S4S counterbalance diesel with a fork positioner. ADN had no hesitation in taking another EP forklift as they were impressed with their initial EP’s build quality and design. Price was also major consideration and the EP product from Clearlift represented real value for money that couldn’t be matched.

To find out more about ADN Materials visit:


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