A very big Thank-You for our success in 2015

A very big Thank-You for our success in 2015

Posted 22/12/2015

2015 has been another pretty good year for us here at Clearlift. After reaching the milestone of 100 units in 2014 we started the year with a target of increasing this number by 50% and while we didn’t quite achieve it we did manage to put 140 units out which represents a very healthy 40% increase.

The economy has grown significantly throughout the whole of Ireland in 2015 and all the indicators are pointing to the fact that this growth will continue throughout 2016. We have seen particular growth in the Greater Dublin area and we are investing in additional engineering/support capacity so that we can maintain an excellent service to our increasing customer base.

While the economy has played its part in the growth that we have experienced, we know that we have an excellent range of products that are the most competitive in the market and this has been the major factor in our success this year. The EP product has proven to be a real winner with drivers and purchasing people alike and the old stigma of a Chinese built product simply does not apply to our industry anymore. All the “big brands” like Mitsubishi, Nissan and Hyster (warehousing products) are being built in China but they still retain very high pricing and hence very high margins. We think that we have turned this model on its head and as we work directly with the factory we purchase EP equipment very competitively which we pass on through our very low sales and hire pricing. Our philosophy is to do big numbers with low margins, not small numbers with high margins and we think that this is another major factor in the success we have seen over the past couple of years throughout Ireland.

Our plan for 2016 is to do exactly what we have done in 2015 and this means that we are shooting for our next milestone of 200 units (circa 40% increase on 2015). We are only in this position due to the fact that we have had the pleasure of winning business from, and working with, some fantastic companies throughout the year and for this we would like to say a very big Thank-You to all our customers and wish them a Happy Christmas and a Prosperous New Year.