A.M.S changes fleet to new EPs and Combilifts

A.M.S changes fleet to new EPs and Combilifts

Posted 07/07/2015

Established in 1974, All Metal Services Ltd became part of The Reliance Steel & Aluminium group of companies in August 2014. They are now part of the largest metal stock-holding group in the world. All Metal Services Ltd offer material management solutions to leading original equipment manufacturers and their sub-contractors on a truly global basis. All Metal Services carries stocks of aluminium, steel, titanium, nickel alloys and yellow metals with probably the largest stocks of American grade materials outside the USA.

All Metals Service’s business operation involves unloading, storing and the processing of metals and they needed to do this safely and more efficiently. After a detailed site survey and an assessment of how the material handling equipment was being used, Clearlift suggested an alternative fleet of trucks that included two Combilift CB2500 four way counterbalance trucks one Combilift C5000 four way multi directional truck and four EP FG20T-F2 gas counterbalance trucks. The material handling equipment they needed had to be reliable and sturdy to meet their daily operational needs. After a successful demonstration of both the Combilift & EP equipment, they decided to take the recommended fleet of trucks on long term hire with Clearlift.

To find out more about All Metal Services visit www.allmetal.co.uk

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