1200km,14 Meetings and Wise Words

1200km,14 Meetings and Wise Words

Posted 25/09/2015

On a recent 3 day sales trip around Ireland I met a very worldly-wise maintenance manager during my first call who made a couple of comments to me that that really got me motivated for the journey ahead.

After explaining who Clearlift was and how we done things a bit differently to everyone else in the Irish forklift market we discussed his requirements and agreed that I would send him some pricing. He asked me where I was off to next so I explained that I had thirteen more client visits lined up (all qualified leads from our marketing department). For a while we pored over the route I had mapped and discussed the best way to do the 1,200KM trip. I told him that I do this "circuit" every couple of weeks and that to get business done in Ireland you have to put in the miles and meet customers face to face. He responded by stating something that I think is the most crucial aspect of business to focus on to ensure success, he said "How you interact with the customer is the most important part of any business". I agreed.

"How you interact with the customer is the most important part of any business"

We continued talking and we got on to the history of Clearlift, I explained that I was the CEO and one of the founders of the company and that for the past year I had taken up a sales role within the business after spending the previous seven years behind the desk running the company. I knew by this stage that it was one of the best decisions I had ever made and my new friend confirmed that "there is no one better to sell your company than you".

"There is no one better to sell your company than you"

The chat really got me thinking about the sales process and how it plays out. I constantly have the old mantra of ABC (Always Be Closing) rolling around my head when I'm talking to customers but is this really possible if you’re not face to face with the customer? Maybe it is to a certain point but as a CEO/MD when you make the effort to see customers you get results and build customers trust in your company. In Ireland that means doing the miles and seeing the people, so I knew the trip was going to be a success.

Q2 was the best quarter in our companies eight year history and at the end of July we’re already set to beat it too - so I'm looking forward to the next 1,200km.